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A selection of some of the feedback we've received


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"Congratulations on an excellent and very well presented website."
Graham Clarke

"About time such a comprehensive multihull site was available."
Tony Philpin

"Love the site. Good to see all the information spread around the net brought into one place."
Jason Dunn

"A superb site. Instructive and pleasant."
Nicholas Wirth

"Love your site; very informative and a great help deciding which boat to build."
Francis Bone

"I love your site. Constantly on it looking for info and news."
Ron L.

"We appreciate all your efforts on developing and maintaining this great multihull site."
Jim Moyer

"Placing a classified ad was intuitive and painless - well worth a try"
Gene Freund

"I found multihull-maven a valuable resource fo me looking for a suitable cat."
Rolf Dahlberg

"Second to actually sailing a fast cat, this site is the best cure for multihull addiction!"
Gregor Tarjan, founder of Aeroyacht Ltd.

"Your website is extremely well presented, easy to navigate and I know will be invaluable in some life changing decisions I intend making later this year."
David Parkinson

"Site is GREAT!"
Charles E. Kanter

"Content excellent. Site design very good. Navigation easy. Most impressed. Already bookmarked on favourites."
Tony Philpin

"I think the site is great and it gets better each time I look at it."
Jonathan Anyon

"Your website is immensely helpful. It has confronted the prejudices of monohull sailors directly and objectively. We appreciate the insights you have provided."
Copel Marcus

"Thank you so much! You have done a great job so far in educating me on the pros and cons of multihulled boats. Wish you well in the completion of the task at hand. It would be a good idea to have a section where one could learn about the key terms used. This would be helpful to a newcomer, e.g. a glossary of terms used. "

"I'm pleased to find your site and the information contained within to counter the rubbish the monohull broker told me earlier in the week. An excellent informative site. Well done."
Stuart Simpson

"Well done. After 25 years of owning and sailing multis, this the best information I have read."
Justin Grunwald

"As I am looking for a multihull this site is first class."
Tony Philpin

"Awesome web site. You just saved me a lot of $$$ looking for a new boat. Thank you"
Dale K

"I would like to compliment you on a very well produced website covering the world of multihulls. Given the growing interest and acceptance of multihulls in the sailing community, there is certainly a need for your informative site."
Alan Salisch

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