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Speed is fun, thrilling even, and not exclusively for the race course

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Seaon 96

Speed is fun. Thrilling even, and not exclusively for the race course. For some, overhauling other craft is always delicious meat for the ego. But apart from that, there is a rich pleasure in feeling a loved boat get up on her legs in a breeze. Faster passage-making means extended cruising range and possibly less crew fatigue. Speedy boats can better skirt storms to avoid exposure to danger. However, few would want speed at any price.

The cost of speed might be in the boat price, crew discomfort or increased risk of mishap. Most will be interested in what it takes to get maximum performance in line with other wishes, like lots of cabin space and maximum seaworthiness. Good performance should be had on any day and on any course too.

In this section you can find out in detail what makes boats go faster and why, at the current state-of-the-art of yacht design, multihulls have a substantial edge. Or putting it another way: given a certain desired performance, you can see what would have to be compromised on a monohull or multihull.

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