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Pending transaction to save Groupama 3

Franck Cammas and crew return to the zone where Groupama 3 capsized


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Groupama 3's attempt to circumnavigate the three capes in less than fifty days to win the Jules Verne Trophy, January 2008

19th February 2008

Pending transactions to save Groupama 3

This Tuesday morning, at first light in France and at night in New Zealand, Franck Cammas and eight of his crew took to the seas from Dunedin to return to the zone where Groupama 3 capsized.

Without Yves Parlier, remaining on shore to ensure the link between the Groupama team in Lorient and the men at sea, a motor boat measuring around 25 metres long propelled by a 1000 hp engine, is carrying them eastwards across seas, which are set to calm down progressively.

Contacted by telephone before he got too far from the New Zealand coast, the skipper of Groupama 3 had this to say: "The Groupama team in Lorient sent us a plan and a set of procedures, which should help us to right the boat again. We've got a trip of around twelve hours before we find it. If all goes well, we could be back on shore with Groupama 3 in tow in four days, most likely at Christchurch."

Aboard the tug boat, we can well imagine that the crew are dividing their time between resting and preparing the righting operation. Ropes, chains, chainsaw, drill and diving gear must be readied.

It's only once they get Groupama 3 back to shore that they will be able to finely assess the damage and then she will probably be loaded aboard a cargo ship bound for its base in Lorient, France.

For its part, the management division of Groupama has sent a message to their rescuers from the Rescue Coordination Center New Zealand, thanking them for the professionalism of their intervention.

See also the Cammas-Groupama website.

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