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Navico spearheads cutting edge graphic display

New Simrad instruments showing at London International Boat Show 2008


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12 January 2008

Navico spearheads cutting edge graphic display

The Navico stand at LIBS 2008 will be showing the brand new Simrad instrument family designed to offer performance and flexibility for both sail and power boats. The Simrad IS20 range consists of four analogue and two digital instrument heads, all based on the SimNet NMEA 2000 data bus for simple installation and integration.

Of the six meticulously developed and engineered instruments in the range, the IS20 GRAPHIC places Simrad instruments firmly back at the forefront of technology. Providing real-time graphical representation of instrument data, the IS20 GRAPHIC enables skippers, navigators and cruisers alike to quickly and easily visualise the incredibly accurate information from Simrad sensors.

More than this, the IS20 GRAPHIC is a multi-functional instrument that can shift quickly between display styles giving the user a choice between large digital data readouts that are easy to read for quick action, detailed multi information readouts for careful planning and multiple data types on one screen, and unique precision graphical presentations that simplify the data at hand. The IS20 GRAPHIC can also operate as a multi-function repeater for other products via SimNet.

The IS20 COMBI, provides all the information you need so is perfect as a standalone system or first step into the world of state-of-the-art electronics. Equally, as it can be remotely controlled from an IS20 GRAPHIC, it makes the ideal second instrument station, especially as it offers a variety of digital data combinations: speed, depth and temperature; depth, speed and temperature combined; and trip log and passage time.

Despite the innovation in new Simrad digital instruments, compass, rudder angle, wind direction and tack are still best presented on an analogue instrument. IS20 Analogue instruments feature clear easy to read needle pointers with precise Micro Stepper-Motor technology along with highly advanced Kalman stabilised wind data processing for superb accuracy.

They provide exceptionally precise instrument data in the classic format that all sailors are familiar with, but also with a twist: all IS20 instruments have an integral LCD screen to ensure that the data can never be misread, regardless of conditions.

IS20 Analogue instruments feature a new four-button interface for simple operation and selectable dusk and night-time backlighting that combine to make one of the most user-friendly, modern instruments systems ever devised. This ensures that the exceptionally precise instrument data such as true and apparent wind speed/angle, true wind direction, magnified wind angle, compass heading and cross track error (XTE) is available and easy to take in at all times.

Simrad IS20 instruments are exceptionally easy to install, as no access to the inside of a console, dashboard or mast is required. Integration and connection to sensors is just as simple, as the Simrad Intelligent Marine Network – SimNet – features plug-and-play operation and thin cables for easy routing, so you’ll be up and running in very little time. SimNet also enables complete integration of the IS20 with other systems such as the new Simrad AP24 and AP28 autopilots.

There is an extensive range of active and passive transducers for the IS20 system, all of which offer highly accurate measurements and excellent reliability. The new SimNet single multi-transducer provides speed, depth and temperature all-in-one, making installation of the IS20 instrument system even easier.

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