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Key issues

Performance, seaworthiness, comfort, price and more


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Here is a comparison of monohulls, catamarans and trimarans that covers all the key issues of multihull (or not) sailing. Quickly pick up the basics, or delve much deeper into any of the issues in which you are particularly interested.

Which boat suits you best depends on what turns you on most in a sailing boat. If it is traditional nautical looks, you might have to look at a lot of multihulls before they start to look as handsome as a classic monohull with swept teak decks. If it is sailing at 10 degrees of heel in a blow, then no amount of ballast in a monohull will provide what a cat gives without complaint. Donít be mistaken, there are beautiful multihulls, as there are some that donít sail as well as you might hope to think. Here you can find out (in what level of detail you need) what governs the key issues, including: Performance, Safety, Handling, Comfort and Price. It will help you along the way to making an informed decision with confidence.


It is often accurately remarked that when you buy a boat, you can choose from any two of the following three: Performance; Comfort; Economy, but that you can never have all three. There are no very fast, cheap, luxurious boats out there. Probably the same is true of cars and horses as well, but we should keep the discussion to boats. Multihulls have more potential to offer speed and comfort than monohulls, this is why they are such compelling craft, so it is particularly important to see how these trade off against each other and against cost. The bottom line for any of us who venture on the sea, though, is seaworthiness: find the safety of multihulls and monohulls compared in these sections.

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