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Wilderness 1320

 Home-built from plans or kit

Designed by:
Schionning Designs
Schionning Wilderness 1320 ZAKATAN

Designed as a 'serious world ocean cruiser', there is much about the Wilderness 1320 that is influenced by this purpose. And like all Schionnings, handsome looks and speed are crucial elements in her conception, too. Owners can therefore expect to sail a sleek, seaworthy vessel that is capable of fast passages when the going is good and safe ones when the weather is at its worst.

A generous 80 cm (2 ft 7 in) bridgedeck height is clearance enough to avoid waves slamming into the cat's underbelly in most conditions that would otherwise slow the boat and increase stress on craft and crew. Slim hulls have low wave drag and are more easily driven to higher top speeds. With a 12.5:1 length-to-beam ratio the 1320's hulls are much slimmer that the average cruising catamarans'. This, along with the boat's light displacement, are major factors in explaining her impressive passage-making ability. Daggerboards contribute to efficiency too, as does the rotating, carbon fibre wing mast.

The 1320 is rigged and fitted out for easy and shorthanded handling with particular measures to cope well in tough conditions that cannot be avoided on long ocean passages. Beating out of trouble in heavy conditions with a storm jib and fully reefed main puts a lot of strain lower down on the mast. Accordingly, the mast is solidly supported by lower shrouds and an inner forestay. The mainsail can be reefed without going on deck. However, for safety, the decks are flat with a non-slip surface, jackstays and good handholds. The cockpit seating is positioned to protect the crew from wind and spray and a wet locker, accessible from the cockpit, drains into the shower compartment. Below decks, a galley down configuration is prefered as the motion in a seaway is less in this location.

The living areas of the 1320 are very practical for the varying needs of cruising and socialising. Double doors and fully opening windows ventilate the saloon and allow breezes to blow through it. The saloon is spacious, and the size of the dining table is adjustable; the galley is large with ample equipment and storage space.

The Wilderness Range
The Schionning Wilderness range of cruising cats is especially designed for simple and quick home or professional construction. Most of the boats, including the hard chine hulls and the furniture, are built from joining ready-made, pre-glassed balsa or foam cored flat panels, for example, from DuraKore. These can purchased as pre-cut kits, available in several options, for most models in the series.

The range has good load carrying potential as fits its purpose as a cruiser, yet hulls are slender enough at the waterline to give a very good speed potential. A generous bridgedeck clearance helps avoid slamming when sea conditions deteriorate. The hulls are flat bottomed, as natural in a chine catamaran construction. The flat run aft encourages planing but the bottom panel is Veed forward to prevent noisy under-hull slamming. The hulls are also flared forward, on the inside, giving additional buoyancy reserve and thus more safety at sea. The flare also helps to deflect spray from reaching the decks.

Though built mainly of flat panels, the Wilderness range does not have the angular look of a chined boat. Compound curves are strategically incorporated both to improve appearance and to reduce air drag. The deck sections are strip-planked using the already constructed parts as a mould; this allows the decks to be rounded on the turn of the hull. Strip planking the bridgedeck cabin roof also produces similar beneficial curves.

Performance cruiser
Multihull type:
  • Hard chine hulls, bulkheads from pre-glassed balsa or foam DuFlex, flat panels
  • Kit with pre-cut panels for hull and bulkheads are an option
  • Reinforced hull bottoms; Kevlar reinforcing optional
  • Furniture from DuFlex honeycomb panels
  • Strip planked decks and cabin roof
  • Speedy construction with no laminating required to build the hulls
  • The boat can be built in separate sections which are joined later
  • Composite chainplates
  • Many sealed buoyancy compartments
  • Escape hatches
Sails and rigging:
  • Fractional sloop rig
  • Mast has lower shrouds and inner forestay for safe sailing with fully reefed main and storm jib
  • Rotating carbon fibre mast
  • Retractable bowsprit
  • Single line reefing
  • Mainsail can be reefed while running downwind
  • Furling genoa
  • Furling reacher flown from a bowsprit
Sails and rigging images:
Schionning Wilderness 1320
Deck layout and gear:
  • Wide flat decks with non-slip surface
  • Targa bar for hoisting dinghy and supporting arials and solar panels
  • Centre wheel
  • Optional full shade top for the cockpit with hatch for visibility when docking, or access when reefing or raising the main
  • Sheltered and secure cockpit
  • Parachute anchor bridle attachment points on the forward beam ends
Keels, boards and rudders:
  • Fixed or kick-up rudders, depending on choice of engine
  • Daggerboards
Port hull: Head, shower and wet locker aft; navigation area midships; double cabin forward, berths over the bridgedeck
Bridgedeck: Saloon with large sloping wrap-around window, dinette, ample seating
Starboard hull: Double cabin aft with queen-sized bunk; galley amidships; double cabin forward, berths over the bridgedeck
Accommodation images:
Schionning Wilderness 1320
Systems - Power, Navigation:
Either 2x29 HP saildrives or 2x30 HP outboards, retractable on slides
Performance and handling:
  • Slim, low wave drag hulls, 12.5:1 length:beam ratio
  • Easily handled, fast cruiser, with payload for long-term cruising
  • Very seaworthy, designed for long voyages
  • Under power: 8.5 kts cruise, 10 kts top speed
  • Under sail: 10 kts cruise, 20+ kts top speed
LOA (length overall):
13.3 m (43 ft 8 in)
7.4 m (24 ft 3 in)
Hull length-to-beam ratio:
Draft minimum:
0.45 m (1 ft 6 in)
Windward sail area:
96.00 m² (1033 ft²)
Mast height above deck:
17 m (55 ft 9 in)
Displacement, lightship (empty):
4289 kg (4.22 tons)
Displacement at design waterline (DWL):
6298 kg (6.2 tons)
2000 kg (1.97 tons)
Bridgedeck clearance:
0.8 m (2 ft 7 in)
Number of berths:
Cabin headroom:
1.9 m (6 ft 3 in)
Saloon headroom - cats:
1.9 m (6 ft 3 in)
Outboard engines:
Typical total engine HP:
Fuel type:
Fuel capacity:
40 lt (11 US gallons)
Water capacity:
400 lt (106 US gallons)
In production:
Plans available
More images:
Schionning Wilderness 1320 Schionning Wilderness 1320
Degree of customisation:
Several options
Cost to home-build:
$200000 AUS (approx: £88675 Sterling / 119803 / $175910 US)*
Time to home-build from plans:
6000 hours
Time to home-build from kit:
5000 hours
Designer's/manufacturer's website:
Used boats for sale:
24 boats of this brand currently available!

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