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Designed by:
Farrier Marine
Haines Hunter
Haines Hunter Super Tramp, Claus Dose's TRI-BABY

The Tramp, introduced in 1980, was the first boat designed by Ian Farrier to be made in a professional yard. The folding fibreglass production Tramp was based extensively on the pioneering range of plywood home-build Trailertri trimarans. Trailertris were leaders of their class in popularity and performance, and the Tramp sold well from its first appearance on the market. 200 were sold until production stopped in 1983.

A day sailor with no permanent cabin, the Tramp has a large cockpit that seats six. An optional vinyl temporary cabin can be quickly erected for occasional over-nighting. In the style of the previous Farrier designs, the Tramp handles easily and sails well in all conditions. The folding floats allow easy docking and trailering, and raising the centreboard permits shoal draft sailing, all making the Tramp a very versatile craft.

The Tramp was judged Australian Sailboat of the Year in 1981.

A second version of this design was produced, the Super Tramp, with larger rig and optional genoa.

In the USA the Tramp was sold as the Eagle.

Day sailor
Multihull type:
Hull and decks in fibreglass.
Sails and rigging:
Tramp: Fully battened main; jib; spinnaker

Super Tramp: Fully batted main (149 sq ft, 13.84 sq m); jib (84 sq ft, 7.8 sq m); optional genoa (150 sq ft, 13.95 sq m); spinnaker (420 sq m, 39.02 sq m)

Deck layout and gear:
Tiller steering
Day sailor with optional vinyl 'soft' cabin
LOA (length overall):
5.95 m (19 ft 6 in)
LWL (length at waterline):
5.5 m (18 ft 1 in)
4.5 m (14 ft 9 in)
Beam when folded:
2.44 m (8 ft)
Draft minimum:
0.3 m (1 ft)
Draft maximum (e.g. boards down):
1.2 m (3 ft 11 in)
Windward sail area:
20.7 m² (223 ft²)
Mainsail area:
12.73 m² (137 ft²)
Jib or Solent area:
6.6 m² (71 ft²)
Mast height above deck:
8.78 m (28 ft 10 in)
Mast height above water:
9 m (29 ft 6 in)
Daggerboard / centreboard:
Displacement, lightship (empty):
550 kg (0.54 tons)
Displacement, maximum:
1000 kg (0.98 tons)
Outboard engines:
Typical total engine HP:
Fuel type:
Weight with trailer (typical):
910 kg (0.9 tons)
Towing width:
2.44 m (8 ft)
First introduced:
In production:
Last produced:
Number built:
More images:
Haines Hunter Tramp drawing Haines Hunter Tramp Farrier Tramp prototype Haines Hunter Super Tramp, Claus Dose's TRI-BABY Haines Hunter Super Tramp, Claus Dose's TRI-BABY
Degree of customisation:
Several options
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