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 Home-built from plans or kit

Multi Marine
Designed by:
Multi Marine (Michael Leneman)
Michael Leneman designed L-7 (prototype), racing i...

The L-7 is a trailerable, horizontally folding, 7 m (23 ft 5 in) trimaran that is available in plans, kit, or local custom-built from kit. The boat is very light and very fast (the prototype has beaten stock F-31s on a consistent basis). It is designed to be very simple, allows pocket cruising for 2 to 4, and is built from inexpensive materials.

One year after the first introduction, a number of kits had already been ordered.

The price to build, of under US$20000 [status Nov 2005] includes trailer and sails.

Sports cruiser
Multihull type:
  • Fibreglass/epoxy hull "pans" are joined to epoxy/glass/plywood sides
  • Decks are foam/glass/thin plywood sandwich
  • X-arms are pre-fabricated fibreglass pultruded I-beams
Construction images:
Multimarine L7 Multimarine L7 Multimarine L7 Multimarine L7 Multimarine L7
Sails and rigging:
  • Fractional sloop rig with a masthead maxi-reacher in lieu of a spinnaker
  • A custom aluminum mast is available, which is rotating and easily raised using the daggerboard as the gin pole.
  • Shrouds are synthetic and there are also masthead synthetic running backstays.
  • Full race inventory: main, furling jib, and furling maxi-reacher.
Deck layout and gear:
  • Two winches on the cabin
  • Twin jib tracks
  • "Vee" mainsheet system for the mainsail, which eliminates the need for a traveller.
  • Reefing via roller-furling boom. The jib is standard roller-furling.
Deck layout images:
Multimarine L7
Keels, boards and rudders:
  • Long central daggerboard that doubles as a gin pole when it is up.
  • Kick-up rudder on the main hull.
Sleeps two in the main cabin and two on the expansive cockpit floor.
Accommodation images:
Multimarine L7
Performance and handling:

This is a very dry, ocean-capable, very fast, pocket cruiser with large bouyancy floats. Power at 7 kts and sail at close to 20 kts. This boat has a PHRF rating of -12 in So. Calif., USA.

It can be easily sailed single-handed and is raced with only two people.

LOA (length overall):
7.15 m (23 ft 5 in)
LWL (length at waterline):
7 m (23 ft)
5.03 m (16 ft 6 in)
Beam when folded:
2.5 m (8 ft 2 in)
Hull length-to-beam ratio:
Draft minimum:
0.3 m (1 ft)
Draft maximum (e.g. boards down):
1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)
Windward sail area:
35.58 m² (383 ft²)
Mainsail area:
24.15 m² (260 ft²)
Wing mast area:
1.67 m² (18 ft²)
Jib or Solent area:
9.66 m² (104 ft²)
Reacher, screacher, gennaker or code 0 area:
33.44 m² (360 ft²)
Mast height above water:
10.97 m (36 ft)
Daggerboard / centreboard:
Displacement, lightship (empty):
635 kg (0.62 tons)
Displacement at design waterline (DWL):
998 kg (0.98 tons)
Displacement, maximum:
1270 kg (1.25 tons)
635 kg (0.62 tons)
Bridgedeck clearance:
10.97 m (36 ft)
Number of berths:
2 - 4
Cabin headroom:
1.52 m (5 ft)
Outboard engines:
Typical total engine HP:
Fuel type:
Fuel capacity:
5 US gallons (19 ltr)
Weight with trailer (typical):
907 kg (0.89 tons)
Towing width:
2.5 m (8 ft 2 in)
First introduced:
In production:
Plans/kit available
Number built:
2 [status Nov 2005]
More images:
Multimarine L7 Multimarine L7 Multimarine L7 Multimarine L7 Multimarine L7 Multimarine L7 Multimarine L7
Degree of customisation:
Several options
Cost to home-build:
$19500 US (approx: £9830 Sterling / 13281 / $22171 AUS)*
Time to home-build from plans:
1000 hours
Time to home-build from kit:
600 hours
Designer's/manufacturer's website:
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