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Farrier F-32

 Home-built from plans

Designed by:
Farrier Marine
F-32 AftCockpit PLR

The F-32 is a plan version of the F-33, the production version of this model. The F-32 can be built by amateur and professional builders.

Like the F-33, the F-32 has been designed with an ocean-going capability in mind. However, the F-32 has one major advantage over the F-33 - there is a narrow 2.5 m (8' 6") version (F-32A), which (at the time of introduction of the plans) is the largest legally trailerable trimaran (without permit) in the world. The F-33 beams are not configured for this.

The F-32 is a modern 'state of the art' design, with most of the F-33 features such as larger floats, new beam to main hull connection system, improved higher set beams and folding system, higher cockpit (more room underneath), improved sliding hatch, and shorter beams for lower trailering height.

The following F-32 models are available:
The F-32 is available in several forms, the F-32A, F-32AX, or F-32R and F-32RX, with both aft cabin and aft cockpit versions, and all can be built by home or professional builders.
Each set of plans cover all options, including details on aft cabin and aft cockpit versions, and all 'R' features, the only choice required initially being between 'A' and 'AX' models, which have different full size patterns.

  • F-32A - the standard version, legally trailerable without permit, the 'A' signifying Amateur builder
  • F-32AX - a wider, roomier version, that will require a permit for trailering, the 'X' standing for extra room. The best choice for ocean work with a greater load carrying capacity, and a wider overall beam of 7.2 m (23' 8") - folded beam 2.9-2.95 m (8' 2 1/2"-8' 6"). The F-32AX, with its additional interior room, is very similar to the F-33.
  • F-32R & F-32RX - the racing versions with a taller rig, the 'R' standing for Race.
Multihull type:

Hulls and decks: All epoxy foam core hulls, epoxy carbon/glass fibre beams, all extensively vacuum-bagged, and finished with a two pack linear polyurethane (LP) finish.

Floats: The F-32 float bow tips are designed to be sacrificial, similar to a car crumple zone, and will absorb any float bow heavy impact, to help prevent more extensive damage that can result from collisions. The ama will remain watertight, and still sailable in most collision situations. A new bow is simply glued on to repair.

Rig: Metal use is minimised wherever possible, with all chainplates made from carbon fibre, and all rigging is synthetic.

Carbon fibre traveller and bowsprit.

Sails and rigging:
  • Rotating aluminium or carbon mast.
  • Fractional rig; fully battened main; jib; furling screecher; spinnaker
  • F-32R has a 14 m (46') carbon mast and a larger sail area (main and jib) of 63.3 sq m (682 sq ft)
  • Synthetic rigging
Sails and rigging images:
Deck layout and gear:

Aft cockpit length: 2.3 m (7' 7")
Aft cabin cockpit length: 1.46 m (4' 10")

Retractable bow pole

Deck layout images:
F-32AX Decklayout LR F-32 showing folding
Keels, boards and rudders:
Daggerboard rudder

Aft: Optional double cabin
Main cabin: Galley; table with bench seating - converts to double bunk
Forward: Head; V-berth

The interior can be varied considerably to suit owner/builder's preferences. The layouts shown are intended as general guides only, and can be mixed and matched as required, provided designated structural bulkheads remain as designed.

Interior headroom is 1.88 to 1.93 m (6' 2" to 6' 4"), depending on the interior layout. All bunks can be a minimum of 2 m (6' 6") long or longer, if required.

Accommodation images:
F-33 interior - very similar to F-32 F-33 interior - very similar to F-32 F-32 AftCockpit LR F-32A AftCabin TLR F-32AX AftCabin LR F-32AX AftCockpit LR F-33 interior - very similar to F-32 F-33 interior - very similar to F-32
Systems - Power, Navigation:
Outboard or inboard optional.
Performance and handling:

Particular care has been taken to eliminate or reduce spray at high speeds, as with the F-33. Beams and folding struts are higher and further away from wave tops than earlier Farrier models, and have been designed to trap and deflect any spray downwards.

LOA (length overall):
9.83 m (32 ft 3 in)
LWL (length at waterline):
9.45 m (31 ft)
7 m (23 ft)
Beam when folded:
2.5 m (8 ft 2 in)
Draft minimum:
0.42 m (1 ft 5 in)
Draft maximum (e.g. boards down):
1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Windward sail area:
59.2 m² (637 ft²)
Mast height above deck:
13.2 m (43 ft 4 in)
Daggerboard / centreboard:
Displacement, lightship (empty):
1680 kg (1.65 tons)
1360 kg (1.34 tons)
Number of berths:
Cabin headroom:
1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)
Inboard engines:
Fuel type:
Towing width:
2.5 m (8 ft 2 in)
First introduced:
In production:
Plans available
More images:
F-32 AftCockpit PLR F-32 construction F-32A AftCabin TLR
Degree of customisation:
Partly customisable
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