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Corsair F-27

Designed by:
Farrier Marine
Corsair Marine Inc.
Corsair F-27

The Corsair F-27 brought the well known virtues of trimarans - fast and level sailing - into an easily managed boat that is fun for the family as well as for racing, and both practical and economical to own. While superceded in production in 1997 by the Corsair 28, Corsair F-27s still constituted over half of all Corsair trimarans built by 2004. Well sought-after on the "previously-owned" boat market, Corsair F-27s have continued to maintain their popularity and value over the years.

One of the first boats to use the ingenious folding system by designer Ian Farrier, the F-27 can be kept on a trailer and launched for sailing (easily done also single-handed, in about 30 minutes). The boat also fits in a narrow marina berth with the floats folded; they are very quickly and easily extended for sailing. The flexibility of the folding system means that owners can extend their sailing areas greatly.

The cabin sleeps three adults in reasonable comfort and 2-3 children in addition. There is enough storage space and other amenities for extended cruises. The spacious decks and nets give ample room to spread out on leasurely trips. Heads and other cruising items are optional. The aft cabin, easily supervised from the cockpit, is often used for children to play in or nap, making this a comfortable and safe family cruiser.

While ideal for day trips or coastal/offshore cruising, the Corsair F-27 is also a very competitive and fast racing boat. With top speeds of to around 20 knots, she is exhilerating to sail and has many race wins to show for it. Easily handled, the boat can be raced, even in tough conditions, with a crew of three or even two.

In January 2004, the Corsair F-27 was inducted into the America Sailboat Hall of Fame, only the second multihull ever to be so honoured.

Multihull type:
GRP/foam sandwich
Sails and rigging:

Standard on all boats: Fixed aluminium masts, boom roller-furling mainsails
Earlier boats (before 1996): no bowsprit, pinhead mainsails, jibs, genoas and symmetric spinnakers. A lot of the older boats have been upgraded with bowsprits and larger mainsail areas.
Later boats (after 1996): bowsprit. square-top mainsails, jibs, screachers and asymmetric spinnakers
Rigging options: roller furling on forestay
Formula version: The change in rigging, with bowsprit, square-top mainsails and asymmetric spinnakers is often referred to as the 'formula' class. It can also include the slight lengthening of the boat by adding so-called 'swim steps' to the stern.

Sails and rigging images:
Corsair F-27 sailplan until 96 Corsair F-27 sail plan after 1996
Deck layout images:
Corsair F-27 deck layout
Keels, boards and rudders:
Centre daggerboard

Berths: small V-berth in forepeak, suitable for smaller children; one long berth in the main cabin to starboard (this can be extended for extra width to make a comfortable sea berth); one shorter berth on port side behind the galley; one long double berth in aft cabin (the aft cabin is accessed via a hatch from the cockpit. There is a tunnel-like connection from main to aft cabin, which one can crawl through).
Galley: small galley on port side of main cabin, next to companionway. Standing headroom with pop-top cover raised.
Saloon: two settees with space for about 6-7 people. No standing headroom. Demountable table is often an optional extra.
Heads: some versions have a sea toilet installed in the forepeak, others just use a portapotti. Another layout option used to be a little basin (vanity unit) in the forepeak. Normally a curtain is used for privacy to separate forepeak from main cabin area.

Accommodation images:
Corsair F-27 interior Corsair F-27 with optional head and vanity in forepeak Corsair F-27
LOA (length overall):
8.25 m (27 ft 1 in)
LWL (length at waterline):
8 m (26 ft 3 in)
5.82 m (19 ft 1 in)
Draft minimum:
0.36 m (1 ft 2 in)
Draft maximum (e.g. boards down):
1.5 m (4 ft 11 in)
Windward sail area:
41.63 m² (448 ft²)
Mainsail area:
24.45 m² (263 ft²)
Jib or Solent area:
17.18 m² (185 ft²)
Sailplan details:
F-27 sailplan until 1996
More sailplan details:
F-27 sailplan after 1996
Mast height above deck:
11.28 m (37 ft)
Mast height above water:
12.5 m (41 ft)
Daggerboard / centreboard:
Displacement, lightship (empty):
1180 kg (1.16 tons)
Displacement at design waterline (DWL):
1128 kg (1.11 tons)
Displacement, maximum:
1725 kg (1.7 tons)
456 kg (0.45 tons)
Number of berths:
Inboard engines:
Outboard engines:
Typical total engine HP:
Fuel type:
Fuel capacity:
22.7 lt (6 US gallons)
Water capacity:
53.0 lt (14 US gallons)
Weight with trailer (typical):
1864 kg (1.83 tons)
Towing width:
2.5 m (8 ft 2 in)
First introduced:
In production:
Last produced:
Number built:
Price used (5 years old or less):
$58000 US (approx: £29238 Sterling / 39501 / $65944 AUS)*
Price used (10 years or older):
$45000 US (approx: £22685 Sterling / 30648 / $51163 AUS)*
Price used (5-10 years old):
$55000 US (approx: £27725 Sterling / 37458 / $62533 AUS)*
More images:
Corsair F-27 Corsair F-27 Corsair F-27 showing centre cockpit and boom roller reefing Corsair F-27 Corsair F-27 Corsair F-27 Corsair F-27 Corsair F-27 Corsair F-27 Corsair F-27
Degree of customisation:
Several options
Designer's/manufacturer's website:
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