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Corsair 24 Mk II

Designed by:
Farrier Marine
Corsair Marine Inc.
Corsair 24 MkII

Based on the Corsair F-24 Mk I, the very versatile Corsair 24 Mk II is both an effective one-design or PHRF racer and a neat pocket cruiser. Lightweight, with a highly developed rig, the 24 Mk II is capable of exhilerating performance with top speeds over 20 kts in suitable conditions. A rotating mast and square topped main give a high degree of aerodynaic efficiency that particularly enhances reaching performance. Rig options include a roller furling screecher, asymetric spinnker and a bowsprit from which to fly them. Easily handled, the boat can be raced, even in tough conditions, with a crew of three or even two.

With its innovative, yet very well proven folding system the 24 is easily trailerable. The cabin sleeps four, and spacious decks and nets give ample room to spread out on leasurely trips. Heads and other cruising amenities are optional.

1994  Corsair F-24 Mk II production starts
1996  Corsair F-24 Mk II awarded Sailing World's "Boat of the Year" in the performance multihull category
2000  Model name changes to Corsair 24 Mk II
2003  Combined production of the 24 to date exceeds 300

Multihull type:

Hull and decks: glassfibre/polyvinyl foam sandwich
Beams: glassfibre/foam sandwich reinforced with carbon fibre
Construction techniques: hand lamination and vacuum bagging

Sails and rigging:
  • Rotating aluminium mast
  • Square topped main with roller boom furling and reefing
  • Optional bowsprit; screacher (243sq ft, 22.5sq m) and spinnaker (570sq ft, 53sq m)
Deck layout images:
Corsair 24 MkII deck layout
Keels, boards and rudders:
  • Carbon reinforced daggerboard
  • Transom-hung, kick-up rudder
  • Standing headroon in main cabin under raised 'poptop'
  • Two bench seats in main cabin convert to single bunks
  • V-berth for one or possibly two in forepeak
  • Optional galley module
  • Optional portable head
Accommodation images:
Corsair 24 MkII cabin layout
LOA (length overall):
7.3 m (23 ft 11 in)
LWL (length at waterline):
7.2 m (23 ft 7 in)
5.5 m (18 ft 1 in)
Draft minimum:
0.3 m (1 ft)
Draft maximum (e.g. boards down):
1.4 m (4 ft 7 in)
Windward sail area:
33.8 m² (364 ft²)
Mainsail area:
22.5 m² (242 ft²)
Jib or Solent area:
11.3 m² (122 ft²)
Sailplan details:
Sail Plan
Mast height above deck:
9.71 m (31 ft 10 in)
Mast height above water:
11.18 m (36 ft 8 in)
Daggerboard / centreboard:
Displacement, lightship (empty):
816 kg (0.8 tons)
Number of berths:
Inboard engines:
Outboard engines:
Typical total engine HP:
Fuel type:
Towing width:
2.5 m (8 ft 2 in)
First introduced:
In production:
Number built:
300 (by 2003)
Price used (5 years old or less):
$50000 US (approx: £25205 Sterling / 34053 / $56848 AUS)*
New price up to:
$60000 US (approx: £30246 Sterling / 40863 / $68217 AUS)*
Price used (10 years or older):
$35000 US (approx: £17644 Sterling / 23837 / $39794 AUS)*
Price used (5-10 years old):
$40000 US (approx: £20164 Sterling / 27242 / $45478 AUS)*
More images:
Corsair 24 MkII Corsair 24 MkII Corsair 24 MkII Corsai 24 MkII Corsair 24 Mk II Corsair 24 MkII Corsair 24 MkII Corsair 24 MkII Corsair 24 MkII
Degree of customisation:
Several options
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